[Explored Scripture: Mat 4:5-7]

Satan truly quoted Bible to Jesus, but the quotation was not rightly quoted. Satan modified the quotation to suits his evil plan to make Christ sin. The real quotation in Ps 91:12 is, “Lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Satan quoted, “Lest AT ANY TIME thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Can you see the difference? Satan inserted “AT ANY TIME” to deceive Christ. God did not promise to secure you in evildoing, but Satan was proving to Christ that at any time irrespective of the act, God would continue to protect. This is a lesson for you. Do not just follow any preacher just because of quoting Bible. For instance, a sect or a church will show you from the Bible that it is only 144,000 people are going to heaven, whereas this is a wrong quotation. These 144,000 people are Jews that will be saved during Great Tribulation See Revelation 7:1-8). There are many people from other nations that will be saved then (Verse 9 of the Revelation). Before the Tribulation, many of us have been saved and prepared for heaven. In summary, do not be deceived by any Bible quotation. Study the Bible and check the quotation well whether it is rightly quoted or not. There are many false teachers out there; do not fall as a victim. Some may come to you and advise you to use shortcuts such as bribes, examination malpractices, consulting witchdoctors, etc to meet your need. They will quote Bible that give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Do not be deceived with the quotation. Giving to Caesar is an imperfect and wrong quotation here. Giving to Caesar signifies paying your governmental dues such as taxes etc; it does not signify using evil shortcuts to get your needs. You therefore need to know your Bible well to know when someone is imperfectly quoting Bible to deceive you.